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About Lisa

About   Lisa

Lisa enjoys helping people reach their goals and gain a new found awareness. As well as to find relief, receive intuitive guidance and gain a greater understanding of what they are struggling with. Whether it is related to difficulties in a person's relationships, their job, their worries or wanting to move forward from the past, Lisa works to develop a plan that is suitable to each individual. If you would like to feel more freedom, be more loving, more in control, and live a more conscious life these sessions and groups can benefit you greatly. Not only will you find immediate relief and see miraculous change; you will come away with strategies and tools that you can use to help you continue on a wonderful new path in your life.


For over 10 years of Lisa’s professional life have been devoted to the social work field specializing in children, teens, family issues and crisis. She has provided hypnotherapy and energy healing for clients since 2009 focusing on root cause and inner healing work. She received her education at Selkirk College, completed her degree at The University of Calgary, became a registered clinical hypnotherapist through Full Circle College of Professional Hypnotherapy and is a trained Yuen Method practitioner. In addition, Lisa has received various training throughout her professional career to add to her knowledge in behavior disorders, mental health issues, and parenting strategies.

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