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Client Testimonals

Orange Blossom

"My sessions with Lisa have had a profound impact on my life. She listens better than anyone I know and I am always amazed at how she remembers the intracacies of my life and experiences. I value that each session includes a traditional and consious therapy component, but also the hypnosis and work on the subconscious which has deeper impacts. Compared to other forms of therapy I find Lisa's work transcends the boundaries of the session and positively changes my daily life, both by giving me practical tools, and also through the subconscious work. Whether I'm looking to heal or looking to grow she supports me and tailors sessions accordingly. I am so grateful for her support in my life and HIGHLY recommend working with her."

- Jen K. 

"There are a lot of different therapies one can seek. For me, I really value that Lisa is not only an empathetic listener but she is also uniquely intuitive and insightful. She has a deeper way of undertstanding your dilemmas even if you feel you don't completely know how to articulate what is going on. Her way of interpreting the situation and helping me find solutions has been very effective and appreciated. I always feel like Lisa sincerely and genuinely cares to help and doesn't do this as a job but more as her divine calling. I like that Lisa thinks outside the box and I much prefer her combination of talking and working out to find the root of the problems through guided meditation and hypnotherapy to go to the deepest source of the origin of where disharmony may be. rooted." 

- Lena M. 

"Lisa, with the use of her techniques helped me overcome past and present issues. Anger issues, relationship challenges and especially my self-image. The changes now have influenced the rest of my life and business. You are a wonderful friend...mentor and sister." 

- Lance V.

"I had been struggling with major issues such as chronic pain and financial and emotional extreme stress. I had seen no less than three other professionals in various psychology fields that charged an arm and a leg only to tell me things I could read in a book or talk to me in a condescending way. Lisa was able to relate to me but still give me the advice I needed to move forward. She helped me learn tools to manage my anxiety and depression during challenging times and I use the tools I have learned to succeed in work and outside of work. She also taught me some guided meditations and breathing exercizes I can use every day when something overwhelming or challenging occurs. 

- Chrissy R. 

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