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Meditation for   Children

Children’s Imagination Group- Meditation, Fun and Play 


There are a number of benefits to learning how to quiet the mind and to meditate each day. Children are so much more open to using their imaginations and can easily see themselves as a pirate sailing on ocean then in minutes switching to becoming a doctor saving a patient. Children can effortlessly show appreciation of what’s happening in the moment and live in the here and now. Imagine what they can accomplish if they knew how to use their minds with the power of mediation.  As adults we notice how busy our lives can be when we are rushing to get from one place to the next, trying to create a work/life balance, take care of our needs and our children’s needs. As well, we are bombarded by technology and flooded with information each day. This creates a constant influx of information leaving us at times, feeling scattered and stressed. Children too are heavily inundated with this information as well and can become overwhelmed by expectations bestowed upon them.


An article published by ABC News titled, “Meditation Helps Kids Chill Out and Reduce Impulsivity,” talks about a study completed in San Francisco involving 3,000 students who practiced mindful meditation and how the results showed an increase in overall academic scores as well as a major decrease in suspensions, dropout rates and explosions. Children can benefit greatly from learning some simple tools to help them harness their minds, quiet their thoughts and connect with a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness.

Children are truly amazing  with their unabashed curosity, their feelings of intrinsic worth, their endless amounts of energy and the incredible potential that lies within them. Adults in world today can all identify with times in their life that create high stress and many experience it often. People identify with difficulties sleeping, managing emotions, maintaining a focus, struggle in their relationships and have difficulties being able to live in the here and now. Unfortunately children can also live hectic lives and can be just as affected by the same stress. Children experience pressure at school, have difficulties with peers, are striving to achieve certain goals, struggle with their self-esteem and more. Though children often are more resilent than adults, children are impacted by the same difficulties as adults and benefit greatly from learning how to be more mindful and MEDITATE. The Dali Lama once said, “If every 8 year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Meditation is risk free and is a very useful practice for anyone and everyone. Unlike many research topics, studies involving children meditating have revealed numerous benefits and no negative effects. These are some of the most promising and well-established benefits of meditating during childhood: developing more control over emotions, relieving restlessness, improve sleep, deepen social skills, provide mental focus, improve problem-solving skills, and lessen fears and stress.


Parent and Child Meditation Class    

This class will help you as a parent (dad or mom) and your child learn how to meditate and you also leave the classes knowing how to guide your child through the meditations. It will be a fun class that will provide the participants (anyone interested in learning how to meditate) with activities as well as meditations to help keep everyone interested and entertained. These meditations and activities are then transferable  and parents and children are able to practice their new tools and skills at home.

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